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11/14/2010 Fix Notepad's CR CR LF bug with a hex editor
8/14/2010 Real guitar controller mod
1/09/2010 Sears SR3000 TV
6/10/2009 Lottery math with four-function calculator
7/27/2008 Notepad bug: Saving with word wrap on inserts CR CR LF characters in the display window
6/12/2008 File systems: a brief description
3/25/2008 How high should you hang a mirror...?
11/23/2006 Nintendo Wii remote control
11/08/2006 Alternative piano keyboard layout
10/08/2006 Arcade machine at work
1/24/2005 I've never really liked the Artist tag
9/15/2004 My family tree and other data cravings
7/10/2004 Various items found in my room
6/23/2004 Are there cicadas in Japan?
6/20/2004 Twins
6/20/2004 Bubble Bobble